You’re Invited To a Chinese Wedding

October 25, 2015

If you’re American, you’re automatically invited to any Chinese wedding. However, you’re also automatically entitled to perform for them.

Being dancing monkeys in exchange for some free fancy food seems like a good trade to me.
The afternoon before the wedding, Jacqui, Andrew, Jaden and I got together to discuss and choreograph the dance we would perform the following day. “A little party never killed nobody” by Fergie was our song of choice, and needless to say, after a couple hours of making up the moves and practicing, we absolutely crushed the dance… In rehearsal that is. The next morning we practiced a bit more while Erika joined in, and we killed it once again. Our performance at the wedding was a different story though…. More on that later.

The wedding was held in a beautiful ballroom of a fancy hotel. I was greatly surprised how the Chinese go “all out” on an event like this for being so short… It was only around 2 hours. Plates and plates of food were placed on a lazy Susan spinning thing in the middle of the table for us all to eat from.
Weddings in general make me so happy, yet emotional too. I found myself tearing up when the woman’s father was handing her off to her new husband, and I DONT EVEN KNOW THESE PEOPLE.

With zero notice, it was our time to shine. Up to the stage we went to perform our dance in front of an entire ballroom of Chinese guests.

I wished it would have went like all of our rehearsals, but… It didn’t. It’s okay though, we got through it and that’s what matters.

Let me paint you a picture which resulted in my face turning into a tomato:

The five of us are standing on stage in a line. The announcer of the wedding comes up to me and says (in his Chinese accent): “My assistant thinks you are cute. What do you have to say to him?” I look over at this poor man and he has to be just as embarrassed as I feel shocked. With a few moments of silence, all I could manage to spit out was: “uh… Hi!”. The announcer, dissatisfied, says: “Hi? That’s it? Come on! Blow him a kiss!” Is this seriously happening in front of an entire ballroom? Ugh. I blow him a kiss and run off the stage with my face burning in embarrassment. Towards the end of the wedding he comes up to me to ask to take a picture with me. “I’m nice to meet you”, he said in his fair English, shaking my hand. It was sweet though, and I got a picture with him too.
It was such a nice time, and interesting to observe the way they do weddings here. I’m grateful for the opportunity I received to be able to see two people (coming from a different culture than me) come together and begin their life together.



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