Suzhou, Jiangsu

October 25, 2015

Suzhou certainly feels like one of the most americanized places that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting in China. Primarily in the Moon Harbor and Times Square area of town, it’s as though you’ve been transported to a nice little American or European harbor town (as said by Esmeralda). Compared to other cities I’ve visited, this place seemed surprisingly empty. Any other city you go to, you’re forced to dodge people left and right or stand 2 inches away from a random local on the metro, but here that is not the case.

Suzhou also has the most adorable cafés and coffee shops scattered every which way for your caffeine and pastry pleasure.

suzhou coffee

Unico…. ahhh UNICO! The cutest, most Pinterest-like coffee shop I’ve ever stepped foot in with the most unbelievable macaroons.

I ordered a French hot cocoa. The next night there, I got the same but added a few of those macaroons to the order.
After our second day there, Jacqui, Alesha, Esmeralda, and I went up to the top outdoor patio floor of Unico to relax and sit down after a long day (and finally connect to some wifi). Below us, people were letting loose of some floating lanterns by the water which we went to do later that night. Most of us had difficulties, to say the least, getting our lanterns up; however, with the help of a kind Chinese man, all of ours made their journeys into the sky.

This city has much to offer, but at a pricier tag than other Chinese towns. We strolled through some clothing shops, had a coffee break at Pacific Coffee, was successful in our quest at H&M, got our hair washed & styled in a salon for our girls night, walked along Moon Harbor, ate burgers, fries & salad at Blue Note Pub, and experienced Old Town Suzhou.
In Old Town Suzhou, the four of us witnessed some sick Chinese architecture, rode down the ancient water canals in wooden boats, did a bit of shopping, and had our feet exfoliated by tiny skin eating fishies. It took me an unnecessarily long amount of time to finally work up the courage to put my feet in the water with those stupid fish. It was uncomfortable, I was scared, and it tickled more than I expected. A significant chunk of my fear of touching fish was demolished that day though, and for that I am proud.
The four of us adventured to “wedding street” and I found the dress of my dreams.

wedding dress

Let me tell you a thing about wedding dresses… They are cheap. WAY CHEAP. Less than what we pay for prom dresses cheap. How dumb are we in America to spend thousands of dollars on these things when in China you can get one for $100?

One of my favorite parts of this trip happened to be in a taxi on the way back to our hostel, but some things can’t be explained… I’m just happy we didn’t run over anyone and that Alesha thinks she knows how to change a tire.

cotton candy

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 7.19.44 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 7.18.45 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 7.19.44 PM.png


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