Traveling Is Hard

Traveling is hard. Very hard. But worth it. 

Traveling is all that I want in this life. I dream of seeing the beautiful and not-so beautiful corners of the globe. I have a desire to meet people from far and distant places– where their way of living seems completely and totally unconventional to ours here in the US. I want to see the differences of each culture and what makes them so unique. I want to try new foods and find my favorite local dishes. Most importantly, I want to travel because I want to live as the locals do in different countries. I wish to completely immerse myself somewhere new in the world and feel what it’s like to be apart of their community so different from my own.

Traveling opens our eyes, hearts, and minds to so much– but it doesn’t come without a price. It’s not easy.

Jumping from city to city, whether it’s across the country or across the world, is exhausting. Getting to airports hours early and waiting, then suffering through flights to new destinations can be agony. Lugging a big backpack through airports, taxis, metros, and streets can get old quick. Then there are times where you get sick and feel like dying. (Can someone please explain to me how I lived in China for four months and never got sick, but when I went to the Philippines for 3 days I died of food poisoning?) 

Your days probably won’t go according to plan, but once you decide to travel, you decide to embrace the “go with the flow” mentality.

Despite all these exhaustions and agitations, traveling is still worth it. There’s nothing more exciting than your plane touching down in new and foreign territory. There’s not a better sound than than the punch of the stamper into your passport. There is no better feeling than seeing a new place for the first time and overwhelming your senses with your unknown surroundings and taking it all in with your curiosity-filled eyes and eager heart.

“To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice” -Elizabeth Gilbert. — and I shall live by this and consistently return to this motto until the end of my days.


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