Check-In Day At The Disney College Program

Yesterday I moved into Vista Way apartment complexes and officially checked into my five month long internship at Walt Disney World with the Disney College Program.

Check-in was an early 7:45 am and I was the first one for the day to check-in! I received my apartment key, program guide, and housing ID here then headed to my building to check out where I’ll be living for the semester. Given the complex’s reputation, I wasn’t expecting much out of this place, but I was pleasantly surprised with our space. Since I was the first one to check in and get into our apartment, I was fortunate enough to be able to pick a room with a bathroom.

At 10:30 am, I had to take my drug & alcohol test at my complex, and then mama and I were able to pick up a quick breakfast at IHOP before my next “appointment”, which was casting at 12:30! Casting/on-boarding basically just consists of a paperwork, background checks, fingerprinting, going over the Disney Look and announcements for Traditions. This is also where you find out your work location; however, considering I was given the role of lifeguard, I won’t be officially assigned a location until after my swim test tomorrow at 6 pm.

Casting only took about 30-45 minutes and then we went back on the bus to return to our complex. I went to go pick up my shopaholic mum from the gift shop across from IHOP where I left her in order to return back to my apartments to leave to casting on time. After she was done strolling around the gift shop, I took her to the airport so she could return back to Arizona. It didn’t hit me that I was about to be completely alone without family around for five months– it still hasn’t, so I’m gonna move on real quick before I think about it too long and it sets in.

I finally got back to my apartment after a long morning and was able to start unpacking, setting up my room, and settling into my new place. After a few hours, I finally gave up and succumbed to my exhaustion and took a little nap before my roommates and I hit up chick-fil-a for din din (this was Emily’s first time at chick-fil-a btw so YAY!).

After dinner, we headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a “few things”, but of course got side tracked then had to wait 89734582 billion years in line to check out. I have never seen a more packed Wal-Mart in my life and right then we decided that we’d steer clear from such establishment unless it’s absolutely necessary to stop by. While we were walking back to the car we were able to see the fireworks from Magic Kingdom in the sky. Such magic.

When we arrived back to our apartments for what seemed like the thousandth time today, we unloaded our things really quick, then headed over to our “almost roommates'” apartment. Back before the program began, everyone filled out roommate surveys and began the hunt to find their perfect roomies. It was myself and five other girls that were supposed to be living together but Disney decided to split us up and we were only allowed to register with two others, so we live in different buildings, but luckily still in the same complex. Assuming that we were all going to live together, we made roommate gifts for one another. We went over to their apartment to hang out and exchange our gifts. I was so so happy with all the gifts we exchanged and I got to see how sweet and creative my friends here are!

When I got back to my apartment after hanging out there, I was able to Face-time my boyfriend quickly before bed, then when I finally laid down it was lights out for Ily.

When I first got into my apartment, chose my bedroom, and got a feel for the place, I had the thought that I never wanted to leave. I wanted time to pause right then and there because I didn’t want the days to pass because I already didn’t want this experience to be over. Right after check-in and move in, I already had thoughts about extending my program. I’m supposed to be going to Mexico in spring, and it was a real struggle to put those program-extension thoughts back in their place, and admit to myself that I have already made the commitment to head teach in Mexico- which I know I will still do for the spring semester.

Today I was able to sleep in until 11, go grocery shopping, make myself a grilled cheese & tomato soup for lunch (see, it’s already home!), and finally just sit here in the living room with my roommates and relax. I see a nap in my near future, though. Tomorrow, I have a housing meeting in the morning and my swim test in the afternoon. Thursday I have yet another free day, then Friday is traditions! Traditions is where I’ll learn about the company (basically a training) and receive my name tag and blue ID.

I wish I could describe how grateful I am for this opportunity and how genuinely happy I am to be here.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.42.13 PM.png


One thought on “Check-In Day At The Disney College Program

  1. That’s awesome ily and sounds so fun! Great experience get it all in b4 the kiddos come into your life and family! 😳❤️❗️I think you and Brenna got it figured out 😋


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