The Philippines

At the end of July, I spent a few days in the Philippines… aka the asian Mexico.


We arrived pretty late on a Sunday night and checked into our Airbnb apartment. After dropping everything off, we walked on over to a 7/11 store to pick up something to eat. I opted for the “local” food option (seeing as I wanted to soak in as much as possible of the culture during my short time here), and got a meat filled steamed bun. The bun reminded me of China and the meat inside reminded me of some kinda pulled pork or BBQ shredded meat. It wasn’t bad.

The next morning we woke up for the sunrise and as the minutes when by, the bright colors stretched across the sky from the right to the left and lit up the buildings and streets below.



We packed up our backpacks and left straight to the janky little airport terminal and got some breakfast there. I opted for some rice pudding/soup thing (tryna eat local, remember?) and I kid you not, it tasted like Ramen in rice form. It was a pleasant surprise.

13902736_10205196382547960_7414984044454404000_n.jpg 13906802_10205196385828042_9035921700213661059_n

The two of us took a plane from Manila to the island of Cebu, and from the Cebu airport, a taxi to an edge of the island to our resort.




After exploring our new place for a little, we got lunch at the outdoor seating and then went quickly back to our room to change to go swimming in the sweet pool!



Exhaustion took over and after swimming a nap was 3087384% necessary. We had dinner and woke up the next morning once again for sunrise.


Since we had a few hours until we had to be at the airport to go back to Manila, we made a quick stop at the Mactan Shrine and walked the streets of Cebu for a while until we drowned in our own sweat and took to the airport for A/C.





Yay! Back to Manila with time to explore. We traveled to what seemed like BFE to Intramuros in Manila– the most beautiful part of the city. Ronaldo, who stopped us at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the St. Augustine church, showed us around the city with his bicycle and attached cart for us to sit in. We saw so many beautiful things and his tour went into the night.

When we got back to our hostel, I started feeling crappy, so unfortunately we didn’t get to go up to the rooftop bar on our hostel so that sucks but was probably for the best before food poisoning took over my life.

The next morning, we left Manila to go back to Shanghai and on our second flight back, I died. My couple days of sickness death began which I assumed was from something I ate in the Philippines. Thank goodness for my love for taking care of me… S/O to you. ❤️

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed my time there and it was so interesting to surround myself with different people and a different culture and language (they speak “Tagalog” aka Filipino). Like I said, the Philippines reminded me a lot of Mexico. There were even Spanish names for streets and on the buildings and just the roads and surroundings in general were very similar. The people of the Philippines though were some of the sweetest and friendliest I have ever met. I’d love to go back and go to one of the most visited islands of Palawan or El Nido with the crystal clear ocean and mountains along the water. Thnks fr the mmrs, Philippines!


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