10 Days Into The DCP

It’s been ten days since I checked into the Disney College Program and it’s been busy busy busy, as of late. I talked about move in & casting in my previous post, so I’ll skip along to this past Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning I had a housing meeting at another complex and a few of the videos they showed there was just the beginning of all the excitement I felt to be participating in this program! Here, I met an international CP from Australia, so that was way cool. Of course I had to ask if she had experienced any weird cultural differences– one that makes me still laugh: the crazy variety of the different amounts of cereal we have here in the states and how sugary (in a good way) they are! I’ve had the opportunity to meet people from France, India, Colombia, Australia, and New Zealand since I’ve been here! I was skeptical when a Disney recruiter told us that Walt Disney World is the top vacation destination in the world, but seeing first-hand the diversity of people and cultures that come together to experience the happiness and magic of Disney washed out any of those skeptical thoughts.

Wednesday night, I had my lifeguard swim test; a 200 swim, 2-minute no hands tread, and brick retrieval– I passed! Thursday was a more relaxed day because the following morning was Traditions!

We had to be at the bus for traditions at 6:55 am, dressed and ready in our business attire *eye twitch*. During traditions we basically learned about the company and what makes us so different and so special. It made me feel so grateful to be apart of a company that provides so much magic, happiness, and unforgettable moments to the thousands of guests that visit every single day. Here, we got our name tags and blue IDs (the magical cards that allow us to get into the parks for free until our main gate passes come in!!) and at the end of traditions we were officially cast members of Walt Disney World.

Friday night, I went to magic kingdom by myself because not all of my roommates had gone though  traditions and had access to the parks yet. No worries though– going to the parks solo is kind of a sweet experience in its own that I’ll save for another post. I went on a few attractions, watched the electrical parade, and saw the Wishes fireworks show for the very first time! The amount of times I’ve felt myself fighting back tears of happiness and gratitude to be apart of this is innumerable.

After Wishes, the park cleared out and I ran into some people from my lifeguard test & their roommates and went on a few more rides with them until it was time to go mimis and prepare for lifeguard training the following day.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 8 am to 5 pm every single day I was trained to be a Disney lifeguard. While I’ve been a lifeguard back at home for the past three years, this was definitely a different kind of course.

Saturday night, I went to Epcot and walked around the World show case with my roommate and met princess Aurora! It’s on my Disney College Program bucket list to meet all the princesses during these next five months (DCP bucket list will be up soon). We also saw the most beautiful sunset near the Germany pavilion. After Epcot, we headed over to magic kingdom to meet our other roommate to watch Wishes. After the fireworks, I went home to go to sleep before class the following morning again.

On Sunday after class, I felt like looking around Hollywood Studios so I headed over to the park after lifeguard training, rode the Tower of Terror, got myself a Mickey ice cream sandwich and went home early to catch up on some zzzz’s.

How cool is it that were able to go to the parks to just ride one ride whenever we feel like it? I still can’t believe this is real life.

On Monday, we took our life guarding tests and I passed all three of them! I’m a Disney lifeguard at Typhoon Lagoon! WAHOO. Monday night, I went to go meet my love at his hotel because he was visiting me for a few days! We went to Magic Kingdom that night.

Tuesday was my day off (hallelujah) so the two of us headed back to Magic Kingdom for our lunch reservation at “Be Our Guest” and to try the “gray stuff”! If you’ve seen Beauty & the Beast, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The setting of “Be Our Guest” takes place in the Great Hall of the Beast’s castle.

After lunch, we went on over to Epcot so Constantin could see all the country pavilions! His favorite was Germany…. Of course.

Wednesday, I had another training day at Disney University and after that Constantin & I went to Hollywood Studios where we both experienced our first “Magical Moment”s!

We had just finished riding the Tower of Terror and were about to get in line to ride Rockin’ Rollercoaster. On the way, I had stopped to ask a cast member what time the Star Wars fireworks were going off. After he answered the question, he asked us where we were headed next, to which we replied “Rockin’ Rollercoaster”. He proceeded to ask us if we had fast passes, and when we answered that we didn’t, he replied saying, “Darn, if only there were a way that you could get to the front of the line! If we had fast passes for you, would you want them?” Um… YES!! With a smile, he looked over to another cast member and she escorted us through the back of the ride up to the front of the line right then and there, and we hopped on Rockin’ Rollercoaster for our very first time! The ride was an absolute thrill, and my heart was dancing inside my chest from happiness from the magic that those cast members just created for us. This is what Disney is all about. And while I am now apart of it, I was able to experience it first hand as a guest and cast member and it inspired me to create magical moments for guests as often as I can. If it had this much of an impact on me as a 20- year old I can’t imagine how much these moments will impact the children that walk through the gates of our parks.

After Hollywood Studios, we stopped by Animal Kingdom to ride a few rides before going to Rainforest Cafe for dinner!

I’m so happy I had my favorite person by my side to experience the parks and Disney magic with this week!

Walt Disney World marks the third Disney theme park we’ve been to together (in the past three weeks, too!)

Florida, Hong Kong, & Shanghai:

Today I had training once again, but this time at my work location, Typhoon Lagoon and I got to see where I would actually be working!

Tomorrow I have my last day off before I have more training at Disney University, then begin actual on the job training at Typhoon. The plan is to get to Magic Kingdom right at opening to ride the more popular attractions that have the most outrageous wait times when the park gets busy and maybe meet a few characters along the way.

It’s a dream come true to work for Walt & the Mouse and contribute to the happiness of guests every single day.


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