Creating Magical Moments 

Disney is all about creating what we call, “magical moments”. Magical moments are those sweet, unexpected, day-making, unforgettable moments that evoke happy emotions in the guest. They’re meant to be memorable and positively impact their time at Disney.

I wrote in my previous post, “10 Days Into The DCP” about a magical moment I had while I was a guest in Hollywood Studios. Due to the courtesy and sweetness of another cast member, my boyfriend and I were able to surpass the entire wait line of “Rockin Rollercoaster” and ride the attraction for our very first time! It was such a sweet gesture and it surely evoked happiness and gratitude from us for both Disney and its’ cast members.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to create a magical moment for a guest and I took it!

On Wednesday, I had my first official day of work on my own. No more training! No longer was I following someone around– I was out here lifeguarding at Typhoon Lagoon on my own. After a long day in the water park, I wanted to get a celebratory churro at the Magic Kingdom for successfully getting through my first day of work all by myself!

I got home, showered super quick, then hit the park! I had just learned this day too that cast members get a limited time *special discount* on merchandise for the next few weeks so I stopped into the Emporium on Mainstreet USA to survey what I could drop some $tacks on. Alex & Ani bracelets were included in our cast discount so I headed back to the jewelry area to pick my piece!

It was nighttime and the Emporium– including the princess jewelry room, was filled with guests doing their souvenir shopping before leaving. While waiting for a cast member to help me, I was standing next to a couple looking at bracelets with the cast member and I overheard the husband say that it was his wife’s birthday.

It’s your birthday!?” I ask her. 

“Well, it was yesterday”, she admits. 

I still wished her a happy birthday and the cast member at the jewelry counter got her a birthday pin and sprinkled her with pixie dust!

At this point, she starts trying on and looking over the three different bracelets she’s interested in, asking prices, and finally she chooses one. Ask the cast member starts ringing her up, I overhear her and her husband telling him that they hadn’t been to Disney World in over 25 years. And they live just in Tampa!

A thought runs through my mind… It’s this woman’s birthday… She hasn’t been to Disney in over 25 years… I’m a cast member with a internal responsibility to make magical moments (and I have a pretty good merch discount right now)… It’s decided!

Once the cast member is finished ringing up the bracelet and her pin, I step in and ask if I could buy this for her.

Consider it a birthday present!” I told her.

The look on her face, and her response, “that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me”, brought such happiness to my own heart that I could have cried.

When she returns home and whenever she wears that bracelet, I hope she remembers with joy that magical moment from her birthday trip back to Disney World for the first time in over 25 years.

After creating my first Magical Moment (and when I wasn’t even on the clock- but rather just another guest in the park), it was plain to see what all the “hullabaloo” is about spreading joy and creating happiness for our guests! The joy they feel when they experience these moments has to be the same amount of joy I feel when I’m able to make these moments for them. I can’t wait to create many more during my program. This is what the Walt Disney Company is all about, and this is why I love being apart of this Disney family.


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