Don’t Be Sorry 

When I went to Disney Springs today, I had the intentions of only purchasing a cute Chip mug (you know… from Beauty & the Beast?) and nothing else. As I window shopped past everything else, I popped in a new store I hadn’t even heard of before. They had canvases, cards, pictures, and wall decorations of all sorts displaying the most inspirational and sweet sayings.

Among all the decor, there were small canvas bags laid out upon a table– all with different quotes and sayings on each of them. This is where I caved in and purchased something else besides Chip. The bag I got said:

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”

Every single word printed on this bag struck a chord deep within my heart and resonated with me.

Live. Travel. Adventure. Bless. Don’t Be Sorry. 

It’s scary to even face this fact myself, but we’re not going to live forever y’all. Our clocks are consistently ticking and our time on Earth is extremely limited. With that being said, LIVE. Live the life you love and love the life you live. Life is too short not to be doing what we really want to do. Life’s too short to be settling and not pursuing the dreams we truly have our hearts set on. Life is too short to be anything but happy if you can help it, so if you aren’t happy, either: accept what you can’t change or change what you can’t accept. There’s no reason to suffer or to be unhappy if you don’t need to be. Appreciate what you have and love your life.

You guys already know what an advocate I am for Travel and how much I just want (ahem, need) to jetset off into the different nooks and crannies of our globe. I’m sure many of you have heard the saying: “The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page” – St. Augustine. Don’t take the quote lightly. Think of it as your civic duty to yourself to travel and reap all the emotional, mental, and even physical benefits that the effects of traveling will have on you. Become a global citizen and give meaning to names on a map.

Adventure kind of goes hand in hand with travel, don’tcha think? Adventures, explorations, and discoveries, whether solo or with companions, give more meaning to life, bring us happiness, force us to continue learning about not only the world around us, but us as individuals, and make the lows of this rollercoaster of life worth it. I consider adventures to be so important that I even have a tattoo to prove it 😉

You can interpret Bless however you want, but for this quote, I see it as having faith and turning to God when you need to. I won’t get way religious up in here, but many people want and even need something to believe in (obviously… example a =  all of this organized religion), and having God to turn to at any time and anywhere to ask of his help or to thank him for something is what I see coincides with being Blessed. 

Lastly, Don’t. Be. Sorry. I’m guilty of this for sure. I apologize for things I shouldn’t, I overthink my decisions and contemplate my choices because “what if they affect someone else, right?”  I question if I should or shouldn’t be doing certain things because “that’s not what everyone else is doing, so is it wrong?”. You ultimately have no one else but yourself. If you aren’t going to attend to your needs, fulfill your dreams, and chase after your goals (whether other people are doing it too or not), no one else is going to.

During the fall semester of my supposed-to-be sophomore year of college, I went to China to teach English. Who tf moves to China for a semester!? During the fall semester of my supposed-to-be junior year, I once again am taking a break from school and living down in Orlando, Florida working for the Walt Disney Company at Disney World. Who can say they’ve gotten to work for one of the top companies in the world?! Coming up in the spring semester of my supposed-to-be junior year, I’ll be moving to Irapuato, Mexico to Head Teach and do what makes my soul happiest: travel. None of this is conventional and it’s not what you’re technically supposed to do. You’re supposed to go to college and get a degree, because the Lord only knows you can’t get any job nowadays without one. You’re not supposed to take time off of school- otherwise people might think of you as a failure, right? They might wonder what you’re even doing with your life. Any time I contemplated doing something that wasn’t school, like applying to the Disney internship or Mexico, I felt a pang of guilt for pushing back school another semester. You’re only successful if you get a degree, yeah? I felt in my head like I was probably doing something wrong, while in my heart and my gut, I knew it’s these decisions of traveling and experiencing new things that would make me happiest and force me to grow and learn the most. So I’m not sorry anymore. I can’t feel guilty anymore for continuing to make decisions that aren’t school. School isn’t for me right now, and I’ve finally accepted that. I understand that once I’ve finished these experiences, I will need to return and complete a bachelors, but for now, I’m done being sorry for not wanting it.

You do not owe anyone an explanation for living life the way you want to. You don’t need to explain yourself as to why you chose to do the unconventional thing, instead of the safe and standard thing. You also don’t need to be sorry for choosing the safe and standard thing. You do not need to be sorry for any choice you make and most importantly, who you are as a person. Do. Not. Be. Sorry. 

In the timeline of Earth and the universe around us, we’re only here for a blink. Don’t waste your short time here on the insignificant. Strive for happiness and growth. Don’t suffer if you don’t have to. Gain perspective and focus on the deeper and more meaningful things in life. 


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