A Slice Of Heaven Served Up In Boston

Think of the word “heaven”. Now, think of the word “paradise”. And finally, after thinking of the word “utopia,” you are now able to detect a pattern and recognize that these three words are all synonymous. Heaven, paradise, and utopia all describe places where feelings of happiness and bliss take place.

It wasn’t until I was writing in my journal the other night that I was able to recall such a genuine feeling of sheer lightheartedness, pleasure, and peace that I experienced while I was visiting Boston a few weeks ago– a true slice of heaven served to me on a silver platter during my normal day.

At the beginning of September, I flew to Massachusetts to visit my favorite person at school. On one of the afternoons during my quick trip there, the two of us made a pitstop at Boston Commons before our early dinner up at the Prudential Center.

When bae is salty because your food looks better than his
Filet AND this view? Someone pinch me

As I was walking through the park, a foreign feeling caught me off-guard.

It sounds so simple: There I was, walking through the park with my love by my side, with no agenda or real reason to be there except to just pass the time and simply to enjoy our surroundings. The thought stopped me in my tracks. I looked around me and absorbed my environment like a sponge– there were several people sitting on benches, there were many sprawled out across the grass, and there were others who were also walking hand in hand with their lovas. They too, were there just to be there. It didn’t have to be for any reason at all.

The concept astounded me. Productivity and efficiency as of late, have always seemed like the only reason to do things– any thing. I constantly have a to-do lists or am guilty of looking for things to fill any spare time that I have. It’s rare that I go somewhere or do something just to fully enjoy it or take in the experience without trying to create some sort of productivity from it.

While walking around Boston Commons, I had experienced a foreign feeling, because I was walking around without trying to be productive. I was just being.

Constantin and I continued walking, only later to stop by a lake to relax on the grass and make some squirrel friends. They may or may not have only liked us for our almonds, but I’m not complaining.

The weather was extraordinarily perfect. There was a cool breeze dancing through the air which gave me small goosebumps on my warm skin from sitting under the comfortable heat of the sun. Because I spent a summer in the 115 degree dry heat of Arizona before coming to Florida where I regularly drown in my own sweat and humidity sitting in the air, I couldn’t remember the last time I experienced the incredible treat of being in such a comfortable outside temperature.

I frequently attempt to be cognizant of how I’m feeling in any given situation. Like I said before, I felt something alien… in the best sense of the word. I felt so at peace with such joy and simplicity in my heart and mind.

This afternoon in Boston Commons definitely hurled a few unexpected life lessons my way:

You don’t always need to do the most productive and efficient thing possible. You’re allowed to experience things just because you feel like it because there doesn’t have to be any reason at all to do anything. Also, appreciate the little things– such as the magnificent weather or a cute squirrel climbing up you. Most importantly for me, be content with just being. 

Since then, I had yet another one of those “slice of heaven” moments. While I was at Epcot, I was sitting in a bench in a corner of the Morocco pavillion writing in my journal. I had just finished talking to some family back home on the phone before I began to write and when I was sitting there without any real reason to be there, I felt such a sense of peace, calmness, and joy.

I’m hoping now that I’ve taken in the lessons that were chucked at me in Boston that I’ll be able to have some of these soul re-charging moments more often.


One thought on “A Slice Of Heaven Served Up In Boston

  1. I hope it was us that you were taking to! … It seems about the right timing! I love you little girl! And I love that you are learning to enjoy the moment, simply because! 😉
    I absolutely adore that picture of you with the squirrel!! I’ve always wanted to do that and admire your courage!! My little Snow White! Xoxoxx


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