Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival 

The International Food & Wine Festival that takes place in Epcot at Walt Disney World is an annual event which happens during the fall of every year. This year, the festival takes place from September 14 to November 14. The two month long event makes it’s wrap up right after the Wine & Dine Half-Marathon weekend.

The World Showcase in Epcot is home to eleven different countries: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, America, Italy, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom,  and Canada. During the Food & Wine festival, not only will there be food and drinks available from those countries but a myriad of stands are set up for new countries and placed accordingly to order yummy food and drink from. Some new countries include: Brazil, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Poland, Australia, South Korea, Greece, Belgium, and so many more!

Enchilada from Mexico

You can find free Food & Wine passports scattered around the park which contains pages of all the countries, stands, food, and drink options. There are even cute little stickers with country titles on them so you can place them on the corresponding country’s page once you’ve visited there.

This weekend my love came to visit and we made the attempt to eat our way around the world at Food & Wine. 

Shrimp from Australia

Here are all the foods we were able to check off our passport check-list and countries we added a stamp to:

  • Mojo pork with black beans, cilantro rice, and pickled red onions from Islands of the Caribbean 
  • Loaded Greek nachos from Greece
  • Grilled beef skewer (10/10 recommend!!) from Patagonia 
  • Kalua pork slider from Hawaii 
  • Seared venison loin from New Zealand
  • Grilled sweet and spicy bush berry shrimp from Australia
  • Flan de chocolate abuelita and beef enchilada from Mexico
  • Chicken pot stickers from China!
  • Korean style BBQ beef from South Korea
  • Buttered chicken & naan bread (another favorite!) from Africa
  • Apple strudel and a roast bratwurst from Germany 
  • Cannoli and gelato from Italy 
  • Spicy sushi roll and grilled spicy edamame from Japan 
  • Belgian waffle from Belgium 
  • Crème Brûlèe caramel chocolat from France 
  • Warm chocolate pudding with Irish cream liqueur custard from Ireland 
  • Fresh potato pancake with Scottish smoked salmon and herbed sour cream (the one thing I didn’t like) from Scotland 
  • Wild mushroom beef filet mignon from Canada 
  • Loaded mac ‘n cheese from Farm Fresh (Florida)
  • Golabki (pork stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce) from Poland
  • Carrot cake and cream cheese icing from America
  • Kefta pocket from Morocco
  • Pão de Queijo (cheese bread) from Brazil
Apple strudel from Germany

Despite the relatively small dish sizes, it took us Friday afternoon, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon to get through all of the countries and eat our way around the world. It was such a fun time and my tummy was in absolute heaven this entire weekend! If you’re doing the Disney College Program or visiting Walt Disney World in the fall time, I’d mark this as a definite “thing-to-do” if you can.

Pork sliders from Hawaii


Beef skewer from Patagonia
Filet mignon from Canada





Belgian waffle from Belgium



Cheese bread from Brazil


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