Five Reasons Fall Is The Best Time To Do The Disney College Program

The Disney College Program is the experience of a lifetime, no doubt. Whether you’re a Disney enthusiast or not, having the Walt Disney Company on your resumé enhances it by about a bajillion percent. You get to work at the Most Magical Place On Earth, get into the parks for free, and get some pretty sick cast member discounts. As a DCP, you also have housing events and trips you’re able to go on. Not only is fall the best season of the entire year, but it’s also the best time to do the Disney College Program because lets face it… Walt Disney World is LIT during this time of the year. To be able to live out that life-long dream of working for Disney through the DCP is an amazing experience that all Disney devotees should consider, but I strongly urge you to consider to do so in the Fall or Fall Advantage Programs; however, if you’re doing Spring or Spring Advantage, remember you can always extend and get five more months of the Disney magic and participate in all the end of the year festivities happening here!
So why is fall the best time to live and work at Disney World?

  1. Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival: I start with this because it’s been my favorite part of my program so far. The Epcot World Showcase is amazing in general because you get little glimpses into several countries around the world, but during the Food and Wine festival, Epcot basically becomes an International buffet! There are tons of new countries scattered around the showcase that aren’t normally there during any other time of the year, with new foods and drinks for all of us to indulge in. Yeah, spring brings the Flower & Garden Festival to Epcot but let’s be serious… food > flowers.
  2. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party: If you’re over the age of 13, you’re not allowed to wear costumes to the parks, but that rule is thrown far out the window for MNSSHP! Guests of all ages are able to dress up for the Halloween party. It is a special event that requires a separate ticket but being the wonderful cast members we are, we get discounts on tickets! At the Halloween party, you get to watch a special Halloween parade down Mainstreet USA, watch the Halloween show in front of the castle (which was amazing btw), and see extraordinary Halloween fireworks (Hallowishes FTW!). The Halloween fireworks were my favorite firework show I’ve seen since I’ve been here… Sorry Wishes. Lastly, you get to trick or treat in the Magic Kingdom! There are several “Treat” stations scattered around the park for you to collect some yummy (FREE) candy.
  3. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party: Okay, considering it’s only October I haven’t been to the Very Merry Christmas Party yet but you can bet I’ll be there! Like the Halloween party, this separate ticketed event also has its’ own special parade and fireworks showing. Seeing the Magic Kingdom decked out in all things Christmas is a treat in itself which brings me to…
  4. Magic Kingdom’s Holiday Decorations: Whether you’re coming into the Magic Kingdom before work, after work, or on you’re day off, you get to see it specially decorated for the holiday season! The ambiance of Disney World is happily indescribable, but when it’s decorated for Halloween or Christmas, it’s a complete dream! And you can only see that if you’re here for fall 😉
  5. 40% off Holiday Discount + Discount Coupons: So, I’ve definitely heard about the “holiday discount” before I got here.. the one wear you get a way good percentage off of all the expensive Disney merchandise. When I first got here at the beginning of August, our cast member discount was 20%. By the end of August all the way up until September 30th, for some reason our discount doubled and went from 20% to 40%! For over a month we had it! Additionally, for the month of september, cast members were granted an additional two complimentary guest park tickets for friend and family use! The 40% discount just ended, but around mid-October it starts up again. That means we had a 40% off cast member discount for basically our entire program. How. Sick. Is that?!

I’m going to hit you with a little bonus reason just because I remembered it right now: Epcot’s Holiday’s Around The World. If there’s two things I absolutely love it’s: 1. Different countries and cultures. 2. Christmas. Now combine these two things and you get Holiday’s Around The World at Epcot! As Disney puts it, “The world showcase comes alive with seasonal traditions from around the globe” and it includes an International Yuletide Extravaganza and a Candlelit Processional. Excuse me while I hyperventilate.

As you can assume, there are some cons to being here rather than home for the holidays, but with this many events and activities going on, it’s easy to sacrifice just one holiday season away from home. You’re getting to experience so many different things that other people travel thousands and thousands of miles to get here for. How cool is that?! Do DCP during fall ya’ll– you won’t regret it.





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