21st Birthday In New York City 

October 14, 2016 is a day that will forever be ingrained in my memory– not only was it the best birthday I’ve ever had, but it was easily one of the best days I’ve ever had in my whole life.

I didn’t know what I was more excited for: to be turning 21, to finally be seeing my love again, or to be in New York City. NYC has undoubtedly taken the top spot in my heart as my favorite city in the world… sorry Shanghai.

On Thursday night, I boarded my 2.5 hour flight and my favorite person in the world swooped me up from JFK. As we drove into the city, I was entirely entranced by the beauty of all the lights and skyscrapers and I felt like I was living in a dream.

We got to a parking garage around 11:50 pm, which meant I had ten minutes left until I turned 21! With our duffle bags and backpacks in hand, we ran to a bar and waited until the clock struck midnight to welcome my new legal status with a shot of vodka.

After that celebratory moment, we checked into our hotel and got ready to go out for “power hour”! We went to a bar called the Blind Barber, and you better believe I flashed my ID with pride when they asked my 14 year old baby face for my proof of legal age.

We got a couple shots, but due to a recent prior… “incident”… My tummy wasn’t cooperative and alcohol still made me feeling like dying. Shame. Turning 21 and feeling too icky to drink is a tragic story, but I forced myself to get down tequila before we bounced and went to a diner for some late night food. The two of us ended up getting home around 4 am and slept (or should I say napped) until we woke up and got ready to take on the day in the Big Apple. Have I mentioned how in love I am with this freakin’ city?

Constantin and I stopped by a pizza place for breakfast (or lunch I guess), then picked up some coffee to fuel us up before running off to Time’s Square. This may be a big tourist trap with people trying to shove papers, ads, and activity itineraries in your face while you’re walking around, but it really is an amazing (and positively overwhelming) part of the city!

After that, we walked on over to Rockefeller center and guess. what. we. saw. An ice-skating rink! How there was already an ice skating rink in mid-October confused me, but no way was I complaining. We rented some ice skates and did our circles around the rink. Tin was really good, to my surprise… Except toward the end when he biffed it and ate some ice (HAHA).

After that, we went shopping real quick so I could find something to wear for that night and with success, took a taxi back to our hotel with a small bag of clothes in hand. My love was rushing me, as we had to leave by 3:30 to get somewhere (that he wouldn’t tell me) by five. What was this surprise, do you wonder? A FREAKING HELICOPTER RIDE OVER NEW YORK FREAKING CITY. I died. What did I do right in life to deserve such a sweet, perfect and thoughtful human being to call my boyfriend? I had never been in a helicopter before, and that alone would have been unreal, but a helicopter ride over my favorite city in be world made me absolutely speechless. Being up in the air over so many buildings and famous landmarks during sunset was a completely unreal experience. It still doesn’t feel like that even happened!!

It was around this time after we were driving back to the city from Westchester airport that I realized how long and never ending this day was. I know that sounds bad but it wasnt. Because being my 21st birthday, there is no better day that this long-day feeling could have happened on.

I tried to take a nap on the drive home without success. We had about 3.5 seconds to change and freshen up for dinner and our night out before an Uber picked us up and taxi’d us to BLT Prime. Filet steak, raspberry and lemon cocktails, and a yummy chocolate cake forced my tummy to do cartwheels of excitement and my taste buds to cry happy tears. Sadly, I didn’t even get ID’ed here so I couldn’t whip out my license showing off my sick new age (I’m so lame, I know).

After finishing up dinner, we raced on over to a bar for a comedy show. What’s better than laughing with my love? We went to a 18+ show when I came back in April to NYC and I absolutely died so why not do it again? The show turned out being an ab exercise from laughter and I was so happy we went.

Finally, it was time to go out and dance! We went to this sweet nightclub called PhD which has the most breathtaking view of Manhattan from the bar near the top of the building. We were able to see the lit up Empire State Building from where we were dancing. Constantin and I were really the only ones on the dance floor for a while, but did that stop us? Hell to the nah. It was such a perfect night and perfect ending to my truly unbelievable day. I was also very proud of us for holding up and staying awake that long despite how busy we were all day and how little sleep we had gotten- but go us!

When we got back to the hotel after the clerb, we picked up hot dogs on the street corner (which did NOT live up to NYC’s elite food reputation) before going up to our room.

The next day definitely required some sleeping in. Once finally up and checked out, we made it to meet Constantin’s sisters for lunch just in the knick of time before my stomach began to eat itself. The two of us walked along the high-line after a delicious huevos rancheros lunch, and before hopping on the subway to see Grand Central Station.

We stopped by 2 Beans for a quick cup of “sipping chocolate” before ending our weekend in the cool air at Central Park.

I wish there were words to adequately and accurately describe just what this weekend meant to me, but unfortunately, no words will do the feelings I feel for it justice. There was no place I would have rather been and no person I would have rather spent my birthday with.

Thank you a million times for one of the best days, and weekend of my life, my love.


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