Don’t Just Travel The World– Wear It Too

If you could wear a unique aztec printed pocket tee with fabric straight from Mexico while providing bright futures to this country’s impoverished children by contributing to the organization Simply Smiles, why wouldn’t you?

You have the power to make a difference in the lives of people all over the world and it starts here: at

Serengetee has teamed up with over 30 cause partners in various countries from all over the globe in order to give back and help communities internationally. By purchasing a Serengetee, you are helping to end human sex trafficking in Thailand, provide micro-loans to women entrepreneurs in Brazil, overcome extreme poverty in slums of Argentina and Costa Rica, build strong structures and education programs in Nicaragua, end clean water crises in India, better the educational future of children in Tanzania, liberate children from modern day slavery and also provide better access to healthcare in Ghana and so much more.

This social and philanthropic brand was founded by two college students on a Semester at Sea study abroad program. As Jeff and Ryan put it:

“From day one, the mission was at the heart of everything Serengetee. By purchasing fabric from over 25 countries, we support artisans, their families, and ancient fabric making traditions. And, by giving back 10% of our profits to a diverse range of grassroots causes, we work to improve lives in their communities. The stories of these fabric makers and causes are baked into every product we make, so when you wear Serengetee you are truly wearing a piece of the world.”

To this day, they still insist that all of their high quality products are hand crafted in Los Angeles by their team of Sew Pros. 

Serengetee also encourages us all to “Travel More” and that’s easily become their brand motto. By traveling more, we are able to open our eyes to other countries and cultures besides our own and understand how others live. We become more sensitive and empathetic to people around the world and their living situations. Traveling more teaches us life lessons and helps us grow as individuals.


This semester I’ve had the incredible opportunity to be a campus representative for this brand that has a mission and values so close to my heart. Because I am a representative, I have a discount code that you all can use to receive 15% off your whole Serengetee order. The code is: floresalvarez15. The discounts don’t stop there. I’d strongly suggest subscribing to their email list because sometimes there are flash sales which give everyone 25%, 30% and even sometimes 50% off entire orders! And you’ll only know about it if you get the emails or follow them on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook). In addition to their random generous discounts, often times they give out free items with orders such as “Travel More” mugs, holiday tee shirts, plane caps, and scratch maps in the past.

Below is a video I put together for my semester representative project. Don’t be hesitant to watch, share, or spread the word about this amazing brand!

Travel More and Wear the World.


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