Bienvenido a México

Mexico warmly & kindly welcomed my group and I with phenomenal food, colorful walls, and amazing weather.
On Monday, I woke up at a lovely 3am to get to the airport by 4:30am to catch my 6am flight. Boarding began late and after everyone was finally on the plane, every single one of us had to take our belongings and de-plane because of maintenance issues. Our flight left over an hour late, but considering my layover in Houston was four hours, it didn’t complicate things for me. From Houston to Mexico City, I watched Beauty & the Beast which made time *fly* by.
Upon arrival in Mexico City, my luggage was retrieved, airport employees tried to speak their fast Spanish to me to which I could only reply “no entiendo”, and I fortunately found my group without much hassle. We ate our first meal in Mexico here- TACOS! I was in heaven.

We took the 4 (ish) hour bus ride to Celaya from there which passed by decently quick. Late at night, we finally arrived at our cute little apartment. It was shortly lights out for all of us from the long day of travel.

Yesterday was our first full day in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico! We had a meeting in the morning before receiving lunch at 11:30 am. Rice, chicken in some mysterious yummy sauce, soup, a fruit dessert, and bread- again, I fell into a food heaven. This definitely beats white rice everyday with some unknown meat and veggies in China (still love you though, China). Following lunch, we got ready then walked to our school about 10-15 minutes away. We got our classroom ready for the kids, unloaded our supplies in the supply closet and tidied up and then followed up with two more meetings. During that time our coordinator came by to pick us up and show us around the city a bit- where to find the supermarket, a bank, a running park, and downtown. Basically everything is just a few blocks walking distance from us! We also received free fruit from a fruit stand across the street from the school. Watermelon with chili? YUM. Get this… we can get a free cup of fruit every day! I’m down with it.

After our meetings, we walked to the supermarket to pick up groceries for the week. I was way pleased with the amount of American food options they had. I mean, I’m aware we’re still on North America, but still.
Once we returned home, figuring out how to turn on the oven almost resulted in the charring of Ilyanna. So we bought a pizza and because it didn’t fit in the freezer, we were going to make it for dinner. We turned the dial to 220 degrees and after 15 minutes of what I thought might pre-heat it, I opened the oven door to find the heat off. Oh, that’s right- it’s a gas oven… we have to light the gas. So… with the oven at still 220 degrees, we lit a match and hovered it over the gas pipe. WHOOOOSH! The oven basically exploded and a whole ton of hot air came rushing out at like 59 billion miles per hour toward me. Luckily I lived, right? I even still had my eye brows and eye lashes. However, the explosion did take a toll on the ends of my hair a bit, as they have become very dry and toasty. I still consider it a win though. It took a little while to figure out how to properly light this gas oven, but eventually it cooked and we dined on some fine frozen pizza dinner.
Later in the evening, we decided to explore a little so we walked downtown and saw beautiful buildings, the cutest cafe, and a bunch of little mouth-watering food stands. Back at the apartment, I finally had time to catch up in my journal until my eyes grew heavy and forced me to go mimis. Celaya is cute. Almost everything is within walking distance and you’ll find walls of all colors when you’re strolling down the streets. I’m able to communicate with locals in the most basic sense (Spanish 101 level), so that already helps a ton. Today will be just as busy as yesterday and then tomorrow is our first day of teaching. I’m eager to start traveling and to explore more cities and beautiful destinations in this colorful country!


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