Una Semana en Celaya 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: There’s something so special about living in a foreign country. You get to truly understand the people and culture, have a greater opportunity to learn the language, and you live like the locals do- you have time to find your favorite horchata stand, to look for the best taco stand the city might have to offer, and to become familiar with all the streets in your city. We’ve been living in Celaya for just under a week now and I already love Mexico.

Thursday and Friday were the teacher’s first day of classes with the cute kids. I was able to teach a couple rotations to give the teachers example lessons and I most definitely had some China flashbacks. We only had two of the four teachers that we’re supposed to have for the semester but we managed well. Because this first week consisted of meetings, lesson planning, teaching, and more meetings, we hadn’t yet had time to explore the city during the day. Saturday we were finally able to do this for our “cultural excursion” day!

In the morning, I made pancakes so we could put cajeta (this sweet, caramel-y sauce that our city, Celaya is known for) on them. It was ah-ma-zing.

After getting ready and eating lunch, we left our apartment and headed downtown. On the way, we saw a food market so we of course had to stop by there.

We continued to walk downtown and I stopped by a little drink stand to grab an horchata. $0.38 USD for a cup! I love how cheap so many things here are! One of the other girls got a mango smoothie from another shop a little ways down, and then we set off to explore the streets some more.

When we drive to the Apaseo school, we go through a street that has a bunch of little tents and shops lined up selling food, trinkets, desserts, drinks, and more! Somehow as we were walking along the streets downtown, we ended up there.

We walked through all the tents and soaked in everything happening at this market, then crossed the street and explored some more, found a few other markets, and of course passed more food, food, and even more food.

I’ve regretfully accepted that my tummy will never be big enough to eat everything that I want to when I want to here. *wipes tear off cheek*

We left the downtown area to go to the supermarket and pick up things for our apartment then took a little rest at home from all the walking. After, we snatched ourselves a taxi to take us to the mall here. They have a Krispy Kreme. I successfully resisted the urge to eat again but all bets were off when I saw the food court. Flautas & a Fanta were good to my tummy, although my taste buds died from the spiciness of the salsa on the flautas.

After leaving the mall, we got dropped off downtown again to walk around in some other different directions and then to pick up a pizza for dinner before heading home.

Later on after we all ate pizza, I started a movie in the common room. Yes Man, followed by The Princess and the Frog were played until our fourth roommate arrived and all of us went to bed.

We’ve already started bouncing around ideas for where to go on vacations and on the weekends. At the end of the month we’ll be heading to Hidalgo to visit the hot springs at Las Grutas de Tolantongo for our first vacation. It feels so good to be living in a different country and traveling again.


One thought on “Una Semana en Celaya 

  1. I am a Filipina currently working in Malaysia and I totally agree with you about the great things about living in a different country. It makes you tough and smart. You just gotta enjoy and survive.

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