How To Get Cheap International Flights

Sit down, buckle up, and prepare for the ride because this post is going to be a long one packed full of information on how you can get the cheapest international flights! How does a $268 round trip ticket to Stockholm, Sweden or a $190 round trip ticket to Iceland sound? The truth is, I’m always on the lookout for cheap flights. Even when I don’t actually have the time or money to travel, I’m still always looking and receiving alerts for price drops, price changes, and 24-hour deals that seem too good to be true (they are true though!!).

Don’t believe me about the $190 round trip ticket to Iceland?

A few weeks ago I got a flight notification for a round trip ticket to Finland for as low as $386. I Google searched it, picked my days, and now I’ll be flying from New York City to Helsinki, Finland in April of 2018 for $398. You might be thinking… “But where does it depart from?” New York City. I do still have to get my ticket from Phoenix to New York City and back but using my price prediction tools that I’ll talk about in a post following this one (“How To Get Cheap Domestic Flights”), that should be around $240. Also, because it’s a completely separate trip, I can spend a few days exploring New York City before or after the flight to Europe, so it’s like two trips in one! The total price for both tickets should be around $638. I just Google searched Phoenix to Helsinki and the cheapest flight now for the days I’m going is $847 round trip and that flight has a layover in New York City anyway. Therefore, by purchasing two separate flights I’m saving over $200 and getting a couple days extra in NYC. If you live in New York City, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City specifically, you won’t necessarily really need to worry about buying two tickets because many of these insane deals depart from those airports.

So who even sends me these incredible international flight notifications?


In the past week alone, I’ve gotten flight notifications for:

  • Round trip flights to Mexico City in the $200s
  • Round trip flights to Sao Paulo, Brazil in the $400s-$600s
  • Round trip flights to Iceland from $276
  • Round trip flights to Hawaii from $362
  • Round trip flights to South Africa from $625 round trip
  • Round trip flights to Rome, Italy from $473
  • Round trip flights to the Bahamas from $342
  • Round trip flights to Ireland from $356
  • Round trip flights to Beijing, China from $448
  • Round trip flights to Havana, Cuba from $243

And the most amazing deal I got this past week was for round trip flights to Europe (Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, Rome, Venice, and London) in the $500s departing from over 30 different airports across the country. Tucson was even on that list! It took every ounce of willpower I had not to book that $570 round trip ticket to Italy.

It’s crazy, right?! I get emails at least once a day from Pomelo about new crazy cheap international flight deals! There are two different types of “subscriptions” that you can sign up for with Pomelo Travel. The first one is a free subscription. This is what I had originally signed up for a couple months ago. I would get emails from them every so often, and I was lucky enough that they sent out the Finland deal that I ended up purchasing to the free subscribers! However, free subscribers only receive 25% of the deals that premium subscribers receive.

Which brings me to the premium subscription. For $3 a month, you will receive incredible round trip international flight deals to countries all over the world. Like I said, I received all of the flight deals above (and more!) just within this past week! After I got the sweet deal to Finland as a free subscriber, I wondered “what else am I missing out on by not being a premium subscriber!?” I immediately signed up for the premium subscription. Although Pomelo advertises it as $3 a month, when you sign up you will be required to purchase either a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscription and it’s only when you purchase the 12 month subscription that the payments end up equating to $3 a month. If you purchase the 3-month subscription, your total will end up being $15- thus $5 per month. And for a 6-month subscription you’ll pay $21 total, which equates to $3.50 per month.

Is the premium subscription worth it? This is totally up to you. If you’re okay with receiving only a few emails here and there about flight deals, you’ll probably be fine with just the free subscription. However, if you’re serious about traveling, visiting new countries, immersing yourself in different cultures, on a budget, and concerned with getting the best deal possible on international flights then yes, yes, most definitely yes! The premium subscription is for you. Since I’ve signed up for it, I’ve dying at all the flight alerts I receive, but in a good way because I’m so happy that I decided to get the premium subscription.

So what are these flight notifications? Flight notifications from Pomelo come to you through email. In the email, you’ll be able to see which departure cities that you’ll have to fly out from in order to get the deal that Pomelo sent to you. See below for an example.


You’ll see that New York City is the departure city that has the cheapest flights to Frankfurt, Germany, but you can also continue down the list to look through the other departure cities where a deal to Frankfurt is also being held. As you scroll further down the email, you’ll be able to check out the months that you’re able to book a flight for, in order to get the deal that Pomelo alerted you about. So for Germany, you should book your ticket for a date between August to December 2017; however, Christmas is excluded. Looking further down, you’ll also see how long the deal will last, the airline that the deal is taking place on, and lastly, you’ll see what the normal price range for the flight usually is. Most deals only last 24 hours. However, the earlier you book in that 24-hour time frame, the better. Sometimes deals last even shorter than that. That crazy Europe deal that I tried so hard to fight from giving into was only a 12-hour deal, but Pomelo suggested buying it ASAP since the deals were so good, they were likely to be sold out within hours.


How do you purchase the deals? If you decide that all the factors line up: the price, the departure airport, and the time frame in which you’ll need to take the trip for the deal to apply, look up the flight on Google flights and from there, you’ll be able to check out which days are cheapest for leaving and returning. You can either book directly through the links on Google flights or go directly to the website of the airline that is doing the deal. When I was booking my tickets to Finland, I tried to do it through Priceline since that’s where I usually get my domestic flights through, but the deal wasn’t showing up on there. Therefore, I just booked it through Delta’s website.

Pomelo gives you the option to receive notifications by region or city, so if you live in Las Vegas for example, and aren’t interested in getting notifications for flights departing from Los Angeles, then you can change that in your settings. However, if you live in Phoenix for another example, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get notifications for flights leaving from places like Las Vegas, San Diego, or Los Angeles, since they’re all just a 5-7 hour drive away and the gas that it takes to drive to the airport + airport parking + cheap international flight ticket departing from one of those other places, still might total out to be much cheaper than flying out of Phoenix to the country you wanted to go to.

Additionally, take my previous Finland example into consideration. Flying out of Phoenix to Helsinki would’ve been around $850. Flying from New York City to Finland is $398. Even though I’ll have to buy a domestic ticket, it’ll still be cheaper than buying the Phoenix to Helsinki ticket.

The next post soon following this one will be about “How To Get Cheap Domestic Flights”. You can use the apps and websites that I talk about in this future blog post to get to the Pomelo deal departure cities for pretty cheap if you use them the right way.

I’m not saying that I cry every single time I see an unbelievable deal from Pomelo sitting in my inbox, but I’m not saying that I don’t think about crying about how great they are and how badly I want to purchase every single one either. I just want to go to all the places, see all the things, and experience all the cultures. For all you travel junkies out there like me, Pomelo is a gift to us from the angels. You can visit their site at to learn more about who they are, why these insane deals exist, read reviews and testimonies, and sign up for your free or premium subscription.


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