The Hidden Gem of Railay Beach: Tew Lay Bar

If you asked me to list my top five favorite places in the world, Tew Lay Bar on Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand would be on that list for sure. Yes, you read right: the world! There’s something so chill and downright perfect about this place that made me never want to leave. Maybe it was the music, the tables overlooking the water, or being surrounded by the jungle, but I easily fell in love with this modest and comfortable place. It wasn’t crowded with tourists and it was the best area to take a step back, relax, and slow down the fast pace of the previous days. The bar itself is an outdoor shack oozing with island vibes. The seating area is made up of hammocks, floor cushions, and miniature above-ground decks all complete with brilliant views of the glittering ocean.

I’m highly skeptical that a bar, restaurant, and cafรฉ with a better location and ambiance could exist.

The island is made up of Railay West and Railay East. Railay West was what I considered “the beach side”. It’s where we went swimming in the ocean, played in the sand, and laid out to tan. Railay East was what I considered to be the “pierside”. There wasn’t really a beach along this side of the island; however, there were tons of restaurants, bars, and shopping. It’s this side, Railay East, that you walk along to get to Tew Lay Bar.

If you’re facing the water, turn left. Walk along the sidewalk past the main strip for about 10 minutes.ย This place is kind of in the middle of nowhere and if we hadn’t signed up through our hotel to take the Thai cooking class that just happened to be here, we never would have found it. That’s what makes it such a hidden gem!

When we first came here for our cooking class, we didn’t really get much time to enjoy the actual bar and restaurant area. Therefore we made it a point to come back the next night for the sunset.

Unfortunately because the cooks were teaching another cooking class, the kitchen wasn’t open for serving food so we just ordered some drinks. Contrary to the atrocious (for lack of a better word) margarita I ordered in Koh Phi Phi (I’m pretty sure they used vodka instead of tequila), the drinks at Tew Ley Bar were heavenly.

Get this: the drinks weren’t even the best part. The music was unbelievable! They played The Chainsmokers. Anyone who knows me at all knows how pathetically obsessed I am with their music so Chainsmokers music + tasty margaritas + stunning sunset views over the water = a solid spot in my top 5 favorite places in the world. It was only us two and a couple of other people at the bar this night, so the bartender even allowed us to plug in our phones and play our own music too.

We watched the sun go down over the mountains from our little deck at Tew Lay Bar. Although it was a simple experience, this was one of my favorite and most memorable nights I’ve ever had in another country. It’s a definite must-see if you find yourself on Railay Beach.


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