My Travels

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United States of America



Hong Kong





Vietnam (December 2017)

Myanmar (December 2017)

Dominican Republic (March 2018)

Finland (April to May 2018)


Two years ago I nervously stepped foot onto my first international flight to the other side of the world and ever since then, traveling has consumed me. It’s hard for me, almost impossible even, to imagine my life the way it was before I made that gutsy decision to move to a foreign country. It’s strange to me now that the desire to go abroad didn’t fully ignite until the plan that I originally wanted for my life didn’t work out. Before China, the world had always seemed too vast and foreign countries always seemed so far away. Different cultures didn’t hold any important or specific meaning to me. Why would they? I’ve never been immersed in any other culture but my own. Moving to China made the world a little smaller. I learned to love another country, another culture, and another way of life just as much, if not more, than my own. Additionally, another one of my illegitimate excuses that “traveling seemed too expensive for someone of my age” was proven invalid: I had a huge realization that traveling really doesn’t have to be expensive at all if you plan, prepare, and can commit to the budget traveler way of life: hostels, street food, long and uncomfortable transportation all the way!

The opportunities I’ve had to live in abroad, visit foreign countries, and still to look forward to immersing myself in other countries in the near future have been such incredible blessings. In a life full of uncertainty and change, there is one thing that I know for certain: I don’t ever want to stop traveling. I don’t ever want to quit discovering and uncovering the myriad different ways of life around our globe. I want different cultures to continue becoming meaningful and significant to me. I want my mind and perspective to keep expanding as the imminent result of spending time in other countries. Traveling will remain a top priority of mine, I’m sure.