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Having my voice and opinion spoken and heard by people from all over the world is such a cool concept. Last year, I had the incredible opportunity to write for a website called “The Odyssey Online”. The Odyssey is an online community that creates content based on what really matters to each individual author. As both a writer and a reader of Odyssey, you have the opportunity to open your mind up to new perspectives and view points about almost any subject topic out there. Every week, I wrote and submitted an article for publication. I wrote about what was most relevant to me and what I was the most passionate about– it’s no surprise then that the majority of my articles had to do with traveling, volunteering, living abroad, and related topics. Below is a collection of all the articles I wrote and had published on The Odyssey. If you have the time, take a gander and scroll through some of the things I thought were important enough to be written and shared among thousands of Odyssey readers.

How Living In China Changed My Life (my first article and a personal favorite!)

To The Friends Who Are Family

10 Reasons I Love Living In Arizona

What’s So Special About The Walt Disney Company, Anyway?

What You Need To Know About The Most Used (And Abused) Drug In The US

There’s More Than One Way To Receive Higher Education

6 Things I Realized While Volunteering Abroad

Quotes Every 20-Something Needs To Keep In Mind

Collect Memories, Not Things

The Secret To Happiness

What It’s Like To Be A Self-Diagnosed Travel Addict (Another favorite of mine)

Why It’s Silly To Try To Plan Out Your Life

What We Can Do About The Worst Terrorist Attack On U.S. Soil Since 9/11

What An Arizona Summer Feels Like

4 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Yangshuo, China

How To Spend A Semester Abroad (For Cheap) (This explains why I’m able to travel so much and live in foreign countries)

How You Can Wear The World (Go Serengetee! and #TravelMore)

and lastly, my final article for the Odyssey:

A Thank You Letter To My Teenage Parents (It’s true, they had me at 17 but I couldn’t have asked for better parents)


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